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The Democratic Party is the big tent party – we pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming to all. The 2016 primary season prompted the delegates of the Democratic National Convention in calling for a review of our Party’s nominating process in order to ensure that inclusivity is upheld in all things that we do.

As a result, the Unity Reform Commission was created by a resolution proposed at the Convention Rules Committee, which was subsequently approved by the delegates of the 2016 Democratic National Committee. The Unity Commission will be made up of members appointed by Secretary Clinton, Senator Sanders, and the new National Chair of the DNC. They will begin to meet formally in the early spring of 2017 and will look at key elements our party’s processes that include but are not limited to increasing participation in the presidential nominating process, ways to engage new and unaffiliated voters, the role of unpledged delegates, and how to rebuild our Party so that we are competitive all across this country.

Empowering Democrats to participate in our Party at every level is key to this process and something every single Democrat is going to need to play a role in building a Democratic Party we can all be proud of. Before the Unity Reform Commission begins the process of tackling these critical issues, let us know what you think about how we can make our process better. We want to hear from you and we’ll share your feedback.

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