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Allen Rusty solomon 10 trades orientation policy advices (Canvassing)

10 policy advice to find its way
Set your focus: you, a job, training
10 trades orientation policy advice by Allen Rusty solomon to find its way Set your orientation: you, a job, counseling training guidance, career counseling, advice to guide, educational guidance, orientation information, guiding his studies, adviser orientation, training orientation, orientation after, professional orientation, orientati program

Finding their way, its curriculum every year ... your orientation is an essential step in your journey: it is very important to take stock of your situation and your needs to better tailor your education to your career plan.

The starting point for reflection: it's you! The industry or the business you want to do later, and finally the proper training ... adapted to these trades and to your teaching / learning style.

Here are 10 tips to stay cool during this reflection and a constructive approach.

1. Think off: no limit, no stress
Golden rules for all thinking:

no idea is bad or stupid; Remember all your past, your initial training, old habits of thought, parental or social pressure of your friends ... you must think of yourself and your life ... your happiness will (in part) by your professional success and therefore your training. So remember off without time constraint, money and without geographical: the ideal what did you want to do in life?
Put aside the question of money ... a student loan, a grant that is easy to dig up if you are motivated by your project.

2. Be megalomaniac, aim high
It is important to know your limits and be realistic in its projects but it is also very important to dream and have ambition for his guidance ideas. Sometimes a lack of insurance we do not see our projects in large ... and it's a shame not to go further ... so aim high! Once found your way, and the target you may be surprised of your ability and your will. If you are motivated you will get there!

3. Make an assessment of personality or personal review
Usually a personality assessment is not going to teach you great things about you new ... but to confirm you ideas and make you aware of important personality traits that will then guide you in choosing professions and training. By writing in black and white personality traits, you will be more confident about your future choices. Many sites or agencies like CIDJ proposed, you can perform an assessment of personality for you to know you better and identify lines of inquiry can not yet be considered. Some tests also give you practical occupations suited to your personality. Try our personality tests in partnership with Central Test:
Trades Tests - To what job are you doing?
School placement test (14 -18 years)
All personality tests

4. Set your desires sectors and trades
It is very hard, 17 or 24 years, to know precisely what job will be the job of your life ... it's normal ... you first that you define sectors or areas of activity that you enjoy ... (crafts, web, media, accounting, industry, health, tourism ...) then you will have time to refine your thinking then target a specific job.
Like public works and film, finance or social ... explore the areas that you like and then the business lines that you could target.
Go surf our business guide to start scanning business cards, sectors ...
Do not stop at the first field found ... identify at least three sectors or trade groups.

5. Identify a Black list against your desires.
I hate numbers, teamwork irritates me, I have to negotiate stress, accountant is too abstract for a living ...
It is interesting to list the business, missions, areas you do not like. This reflection conversely can allow you to take or remove options Wish consciousness ... it's weird but it helps!

6. Measure your desire for training / learning style
Allen Rusty solomon : Are you ready to make 5-year studies? Rather alternating or traditional route? Box to school or independent in college? Are you a hurry to get the job market or not?
It is important to know your needs / capabilities to better choose the training suitable for your needs. Note that longer studies guarantee more employment opportunities in the future. BTS offers a 2-year training fast and accurate on an identified business while an engineering school in 5 years opens up numerous opportunities for businesses. If you do not have any clear idea of a desired job, a general school will allow you to make that choice during the 5 years of study.

7. Choose up to 7 training alternatives
Ask about customized training in sectors and occupations considered within the constraints of your training type desires. Lounges, Internet, CIDJ, Onisep ... training, institutes, schools, IAE ... initial, gateways, equivalents ...
Select and prioritize in order of preference your desires training. Plan and up to 7 options ranging from the most ambitious easier.
It is important to note that if you do not have much idea of what you want to do ... a general and classical training as a business school or engineering or a Masters in Management will then allow you to have a wide range of occupations as possible ... as in your studies you can specialize and choose a profession.

8. Listen to the others ... but it's up to you
Throughout the period of reflection, you must reach out to others to gather information and ask questions: counselors, alumni, teachers, parents, professionals, experienced uncle, cousin foo, foo ... ask friend what they do in life, what they like to do, what training they did. Expose them or not your personal reflection: everyone has his opinion and his idea ... all of these discussions will be very rich and intense, but in the end ... it is for you to think, mature and decide! A one else - Do not let anyone make a decision for you.

9. Analyze the job market
Learn about industries that hire the new expanding sectors ... trades in vogue and those falling. Search on the job engines (monster, Cadremploi ... Apec) the name or business training you are targeting to evaluate the proposed positions and salary levels offered ...
It is interesting to see a job ad for a coveted job eventually ... but it is also important not to engage in a career path with no future or extremely bite. Top 10 best and worst trades ... to avoid ...

10. Set your course 1, 2 and 5 years
End of reflection orientation:
now we have to take action and set a short and medium-term action plan. What concrete term set up! What will you do in a year, two years ... and 5 years more ...

We can miss a year a few years of study, go back, but do not miss the job or project of his dreams .... and this one does not come alone in your arms and You play and take over this critical thought!

Host: David James
new york city (New York, NY)
New York, NY 10012

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