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Road Trip to Wisconsin (to help recall radical Republicans) (Organizing)


Wisconsin's Recall elections provide a unique opportunity to send a message that the radical Republican agenda is a bridge too far.  We will be car-pooling up to the 14th state senate district in Wisconsin to help popular st. Rep. Fred Clark replace one of Scott Walker's supporters in the state senate.


We will leave the 2012 Volunteer Headquarters in Hazel Crest every Saturday morning in July and the first couple of weeks in August, returning that evening.  People in the district are very supportive, but we need to identify supporters and remind them that this special recall election is fast approaching.  Every little bit helps!


Please join us as we help elect Democrats in this important swing state, one that is key to President Obama's re-election.

Host: ALAN Cottrell
2012 Volunteer Headquarters (Hazel Crest, IL)
3310 W 183rd St
Hazel Crest, IL 60429
Directions: Volunteer office is in the Moo n Oink shopping center on the far east end, behind the KFC on 183rd St

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