‘None of the above,’ GOP voters say

“And the leading Republican presidential candidate is ... none of the above. The latest Associated Press-Ipsos poll found nearly a quarter of Republicans are unwilling to back top-tier hopefuls Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, John McCain or Mitt Romney. More Republicans have become apathetic about their top options over the past month. A hefty 23 percent can't or won't say which candidate they would back, a jump from the 14 percent who took a pass in June.”

Poll: Most Republicans Pick 'None of the Above' for President

“However, a majority, 23 percent, say that they will not or cannot say who they will vote for in the upcoming election. Compared to the poll on the Democratic side where only 13 percent were undecided, the polls show an apprehensive attitude towards the current GOP roster.”

Iowa Republicans Are Not Thrilled With Presidential Field

“Just 19 percent of likely GOP caucus attendees said they were ‘very satisfied’ with the field of candidates -- far below satisfaction levels among Iowa Democrats -- and poll respondents were badly fractured when asked to rate the candidates on political and personal attributes.”

GOP Governors: Too Early for Favorite

“Republican governors say it's too soon to worry about the absence of a clear favorite for the GOP presidential nomination.”

GOP debaters keep the gloves on

“A Washington Post/ABC News poll, released Sunday, suggests how unsettled Iowa's Republicans are: Only 19% of likely caucus-goers say they are satisfied with the current field.”

Republicans’ Outlook Dims for '08

“Of greater concern for Republicans generally, however, is the party's weak state heading into the 2008 election. By 52% to 31%, Americans say they want Democrats to win the presidency next year. Americans give the Republican Party their most negative assessment in the two-decade history of the Journal/NBC survey, and by 49% to 36% they say the Democratic Party more closely shares their values and positions on the issues.”

Trust on Issues

“In late June Democrats had the edge on nine of ten issues. At that time, the GOP had a single-point advantage of the National Security issue. Republicans enjoyed an historic advantage on National Security for several decades but are burdened by the unpopular War in Iraq. Last year’s Dubai Ports debacle also hurt perceptions of the GOP on national security. A separate survey found that voters are more likely to trust Democratic Presidential candidates on national security issues.”

In case you don't get it, it's a joke. We want None of the Above to get the Republican nomination for President. Ha! Supports getting out of Iraq, not part of the Culture of Corruption, never been a lobbyist, never flip-flopped. Clearly, None of the Above gets major support from Republicans for a reason. Again, it's a joke.