Voters are hungry for change and real leadership on the issues they care about. None of the Above is the only Republican candidate who represents the values and priorities of the American people. He is the only Republican offering real solutions to the challenges facing our country.

None of the Above proudly rises above the Republican Culture of Corruption, as the only Republican to oppose the commutation of Scooter Libby and the only Republican to say no to the oil companies, the pharmaceutical lobby, and the other special interests with a narrow agenda that most Americans reject.

None of the Above has never been a lobbyist, never flip-flopped on an important issue, and never supported a 50 year war in Iraq. He's the only Republican candidate with a plan to make sure every American has access to health insurance. And unlike his rivals for the nomination, he refuses to embrace the failed policies of the Bush administration.

Despite a crowded Republican field, None of the Above is leading in several polls as the only Republican candidate that speaks to America's core values. Currently there are no Republican candidates in the field that provide the leadership necessary for our future, making None of the Above the only hope for a change in direction from the current Bush Administration.

In case you don't get it, it's a joke. We want None of the Above to get the Republican nomination for President. Ha! Supports getting out of Iraq, not part of the Culture of Corruption, never been a lobbyist, never flip-flopped. Clearly, None of the Above gets major support from Republicans for a reason. Again, it's a joke.