Start a blog

Community Blogs on are designed to give a voice to the millions of Democrats across the country who have something to say about the direction of their country and their Party. When you first click on the Blogs tab, you'll see the posts PartyBuilder users have added in descending order. From any part of the Blogs section, you'll see a list of the highest rated posts, the most recent posts, and a tag cloud to the right.

Posting an entry to your PartyBuilder blog is easy. From anywhere in the blogs section, click the "Write a Post" link at the top of the page, just below the other tabs. If you've never written a post before, you'll have to take a second to fill in a couple of details first, including writing a short description of your blog (you can always change everything later). Once you've done that, you're set. The various fields available when you're writing are pretty straightforward. There's your title, the body of your post, an extended post text box for posts that are long, a box where you can set your post to a public publish mode or to a saved draft state, a tagging system, and the list of groups you belong to so that you can assign your post to any of your groups. You're able to preview your post before it goes up, and when you're ready, it takes just a second to put your thoughts online.

If you ever need to go back and edit a post, or to change a post's status from draft to live, you can do that by clicking on the "Manage" link. From there, you'll see a listing of your posts, their status, and a button where you can edit or delete each post. If you don't see a post you're looking for, be sure that you have the correct time frame selected in the drop-down above the post list.