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Welcome to the Association of State Democratic Chairs

A Message from ASDC President Raymond Buckley

Raymond BuckleyAs Democratic Party leaders, we firmly believe all Americans deserve the chance to achieve the American Dream. And that is why we dedicate ourselves to winning elections at every level of government and in every corner of the country. We are fortunate to serve during an amazing juncture in our nation’s history. President Barack Obama has given us more than hope for a better tomorrow: he has given us opportunity for lasting and meaningful change.

We have plenty of work to do to get there. Supporting the President’s initiatives to secure health care for all Americans, to create green jobs, and build a stronger economy is why we are all Democrats. Without vigorous state and local parties, our ability to assist President Obama as he changes the face of America is severely hampered. The Association of State Democratic Chairs is committed to providing the training and resources necessary to build a robust party infrastructure in every precinct, town, county and state.

Real change happens when everyone is part of the solution.

We invite you to explore our web site, get to know us and help us as we travel the path to a solid future of prosperity, independence and a better America for us all.

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